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Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Acting Secrets I Never Knew!

Ever wanted to know the secrets of Cannes? Ever wondered how to get involved with some of the great influencers in the UK? Look no further because fellow northern creative Tommi Murshed recently spilled the beans and I have to admit even I didn't know some of this stuff!


In his recent blog: 
  • He mentions why financiers, producers and directors all love the Galway Film Fleadh.
  • He tells us great places to network
  • About showreels
  • AND... He talks Cannes!


"Now some will say that you should go to Cannes only if you have a film. But as a thespian pal recently said, 'to get many a decent auditions, you need someone of influence to say ‘I know someone who would be great for the role’”. 
And there you have it." 

To read these wonderful jewels of knowledge please click here

(Thank him and tell him I sent you) 



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