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Monday, 9 February 2015


Read anything to do with news, marketing and psychology. it won't take you long to realise that we read/engage with/click-on/buy more things with negative headlines. Outrage sells and as smart as I think I am and as media savvy, I still fall victim to basic marketing bait every now and again.

 This time it was ...

This actor Katie Redford, was sacked by the well known TV Soap because it turns out that 'she had lied' about her real age. The actor had apparently auditioned as a 19 year old and was to play 14 but, is/was actually 25. The actor had been given the role but, hadn't filmed any scenes yet. However it was apparently an online community ...

... that had managed to find Katie's CV and revealed her true age and the actor was unfortunately released.

It's all very Miss Marple is it not? Well no not really - you see actors 'lie' ALL THE TIME. Its funny you know, we even have a cute little name for it, its called - brace yoursen's...


The whole fiasco is a complete joke on every side to be honest. I completely understand that legally if Katie had fabricated a birth date on her contract, she was most certainly in breach. If she had been asked and told the Casting Director, again muddy ground but, potentially also in breach of verbal contract - which is a sackable offence. I get it.

But here's the thing, if she got past round 1,2 and 3 without anybody being any wiser - was she really hurting anyone? Actors either blatantly lie or dance around the issue of age ALL THE TIME. Appearance is such a subjective thing and if companies are going to be worrying about an actor's real age from now on and actors playing real 'this and that' - every actor in the UK/Europe/World is screwed, especially me!!

I will NEVER be able to play my real age (never say never but, black don't crack). You see I'm actually 75 with a really good cleanse/tone/moisturise regime. 

No seriously all jokes aside I'm a fully grown woman who still get's I.D'd for things like alcohol, lottery tickets ... lighters. The funniest thing about it is being I.D'd for not looking 25 - for something you only have to be 18 years old to buy - mental.

It's a gift and a curse. Whilst I'm glad my eye bags don't need a sports bra just yet, the downside is people don't take you seriously (if they don't know you). You get talked down to (my height doesn't help that). You are, for the most part treat like a child in the outside world. So I'm gonna take that and expect to be offered roles that follow suit. 

However when asked your age, automatically it's like 'uh-uh you can't play that then'. 'Uhmm lady - you just thought I was 12 - let me play the goddamn 12 year old and go about my business mmkay? You just asked me if I wanted bot-bot - don't tell me I'm now too old for Primary School!'

You know it's actually illegal in the US to ask an actor their age and rightly so. It's technically ageism. (Hark at her - you can tell I'm ancient banging on about ageism). But seriously, if someone puts on their CV they're Japanese and doesn't get the job because they're Japanese - courts can get involved. If someone says they're Catholic and doesn't get the job because of that - same thing. But this is and will forever continue to be one of the grey areas in Entertainment (See what I did there?).

I will NEVER forget a few years ago I was at a casting and in the same building they were casting, what was to be a HUGE TV series. I'm a nosey git so I was like 'Oh what's goin on in here then?' The Casting Director came out and told me what it was and asked very swiftly but enthusiastically, after eyeing me up and down "How old are you?". I told her my age and in that very second I was immediately dead to her (and my age wasn't even that far from the mark then!)

I learnt that day, if EVVVVHUAH I'm asked my age - I will make it as difficult and painful as possible before I'm forced to give it up. 

You won't make me talk myself out of a job EVER again...

You'll never take me alive!



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