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Monday, 20 January 2014

Creatives!! Looking for extra income whilst waiting for auditions?

  • Are you looking for extra income?
  • Do you struggle trying to find flexible work that allows you to continue your creative career?
  • Do you want your own business where you call the shots & decide when, where & who you work with?
  • Do you want all of this but, with the support, guidance & training from a well established company?

I may just have something for you!

I have been a follower of the church of Aloe Vera for the past 14 years. Many people from the Caribbean use Aloe Vera both in their diet and topically daily. It first started when my family and I were in St Lucia. I am allergic to insect bites and my mosquito bites flare up like golf balls. Itchy, painful - almost ruined my holiday.

My dad said 'we'll get an Aloe leaf, you cut it open and put the jelly on the bite'. At this point I would have tried anything. To my amazement the jelly worked instantly on my golf balls! The swelling instantly reduced. The itching was gone and they healed in no time. He then went on to say that my grandma had forced them to eat a cube sized piece of inner leaf Aloe jelly everyday as 'it cleans out your system,' (as well as being packed with over 200 recognised nutrients/enzymes/vitamins/minerals). Watch 'Why Aloe Matters' here.

That was it! From that day forth I was a complete convert. Since then I have taken Aloe tablets, drank Aloe juice, used Aloe jelly on burns, bites, spots - you name it - I've used Aloe for it. 

Click Here for Aloe Matters Magazine

I came across Forever Living about 5 years ago. It was a time when I was working on Emmerdale. I was financially stable and very happy in my private life. Someone suggested that I get involved with the company because the previous may not always be the case.

I briefly looked into the company and brushed it off. I was too busy. Emmerdale, BSc Degree and 'him indoors'. In my eyes I just didn't have the time.

5 years down the line I've finished my studies, left Emmerdale and needed a flexible way to bring in extra cash when I'm not acting or auditioning. Its hard to get a job when the company knows you have no intention of staying there and will be gone as soon as you land your next role. Or even worse, you're over qualified! I've done my bird in call centres, restaurants, offices. You name it - I've done it! I wanted something that was mine. Something that was easy to get started. Something that would fit in with my crazy, gypsy lifestyle and give me the income and rewards I deserve!

I will tell you that on second introduction to Forever I was completely sold! The business was one thing but, I was sold on the PRODUCT! Forever Living is the world's largest grower of Aloe Vera. All 100% naturally produced, cultivated and harvested, with a patented stabilisation process that ensures the Aloe content and potency in each product is the highest you can buy on the market - in the world! Don't believe me? Check the charter marks!

So then I came to realise that the Aloe 'juices' (that contain both inner AND outer leaf) and the tablets and the creams and gels I'd spent so much on previously - were a LIE! Ok maybe not a "lie" as such, but after reinvestigation, they definitely didn't contain 100% inner leaf (outer leaf doesn't contain as many nutrients and acts as a laxative) and the potency of pure inner leaf gel in each product was minuscule! This was the turning point for me - the other AMAZING business opportunities introduced by my Sponsor was just a bonus.
Now the business model of Network Marketing is a relatively new concept. There are those who are quick to offer their negative opinions because they don't understand it, think it's a pyramid scheme (which is actually illegal), have never heard of or know any of the science surrounding Aloe Vera, think its about "selling Aloe Vera smellys" (which it isn't - at all), or are simply MISERABLE with their own lives and what is that famous saying? "MISERY LOVES COMPANY!"

As I said there are phenomenal business opportunities with this GLOBAL company ($2.6 billion turnover, established in over 155 countries around the world, with annual UK turnover in excess of £50M), whether you have lots of time or a little. It is relatively cheap to start up - especially compared to other business start ups and franchises. Everything has been done for you! There is unmatched support and training. The incentives are out of this world and there's uncapped earning potential. The company has intrinsic ethical values and holds both Champion and Gold accreditation's from Investors in People and is regulated by the dsa, so the worry has been taken away.

What is it?
Is it selling?
What do I have to do?

Watch this video

You can find out more information through, my Product website or my Recruitment website

Get in touch, try the products and ya know - live a little! 

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