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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Giving Something Back

This is just a post to remind us all that in order to achieve greatness (whatever your idea of that maybe), we always have to give something back. It’s that old wives tale of cause and effect. I have a philosophy that if I can I will always help someone. A) because you help someone – they help someone and before you know it the help has come back around to you and B) because there is NO greater feeling than when someone offers a helping hand at a time of need or when you make a change, however small in someone’s life.
As Artists we should be in the habit of helping each other as much as possible. Without sounding too hippy-ish, the more positivity and assistance we can give each other can only create more opportunities for all of us. Somehow we’ve gotten into this belief that there is scarcity, that we are fighting for each other’s job, position or place but it’s not true. Yes as an Actor you will go to a casting and see maybe 5 or more of your “type” there but at the end of the day the job will only ever go to the right person for the role. I’ve seldom heard of a role been given to somebody simply because there weren’t enough candidates. As we say up north “what’s for you won’t go by you”.  

Acting coach Mel Churcher said, “No-one is in competition with anyone else. How can they be? Each offers a different quality, a different life. Believe. Take your space”. Lyn Gardner (Guardian Theatre critic) also wrote a great piece on collaboration and communication between Theatres, please read here: Why dont theatres talk to each other?

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